Isnin, Disember 05, 2011

Janji harus dikota.. jangan dimungkiri..

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2011 baru sahaja selesai. Dengan amanat yang diberikan oleh Presiden harus disahut dengan penuh azam untuk dilaksanakan.

Bagi perwakilan-perwakilan yang telah mengangkat sumpah bai'ah, sila tunaikan.. ingat!! bila dimungkiri, takut nanti memakan diri...
Ikrar sumpah bai'ah di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2011 yang diketuai Timbalan Presiden UMNO Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

"Kami orang Umno, berikrar untuk merapatkan saf perjuangan, mengeratkan ukhuwwah, menghapuskan sengketa, menghindari hasad dengki dan irihati dan meletakkan kepentingan parti mengatasi kepentingan peribadi.

"Kami orang Umno berjanji taat setia kepada parti dengan memberikan sepenuh k epercayaan dan sokongan padu kepada Yang Amat Berhormat Presiden untuk memimpin kita mencapai kemenangan besar dalam pilihanraya nanti.

"Kami orang Umno bersumpah untuk bekerja dengan gigih, tersusun dan teratur, berjihad dan berinfaq di jalan Allah bagi memastikan kemenangan Umno dan Barisan Nasional dalam Pilihanraya Umum ke-13.

"Kami orang Umno berikrar untuk memberikan sokongan padu dan tidak berbelah bahagi kepada calon-calon yang bakal dipilih oleh pucuk pimpinan parti untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya nanti."

Khamis, Mac 10, 2011


Once , many have pay less attention to Anwar's shenanigan .

When he was sacked from his deputy post , most of us were in our lower secondary schoolings . His deceitful has been whispering in our ears that he was framed .

He was discharged from his good office because of so-called known 'conspiracy' which was the construction of Anwar . In other words , it was a situation of complot whereby an unlawful act was imposed on him by his opponents secret agenda .

I grew up around the debate of perception versus truth about Anwar's machinating for a decade . He was dubbed as a hero in his conspiracy theory .

As time went by , I come to understand with many sober minded Malaysians that Anwar is full of the paradox of liars and deception , specifically he has described himself as a demagogue . His incendiary notes had almost back stabbing the American administration . Anwar' s manipulated skills act on peoples' prejudices well . At some juncture , he managed to con the American .

In fact , we have been fooled and conned by Anwar ever since the day he took the favorable position of the 2nd presidentship in ABIM , Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement in 1974 .

We came to realize of his impurity when he was suddenly sacked from the good office of the Deputy Prime Minister . It was hard to believe at that time that he was sacked because of his homosexual love affair and latter charged on the abused of power .

The aftermath reveals the truth who is Anwar really is but his aftermath has been our nightmare .

Anwar has gone beyond the political norms of our democracy . Our forefathers would have not believed that Malaysian have been further divided and fragmentized . His unworthy thoughts and ideas of democracy has been the cover front from his derived immorality and valueless from his known behavior . His exploitation to propagate have reached beyond doubt that he is politically a sick man and leader .

Anwar has dramatically intervened Malaysian integrity and effectiveness with his lairs and allegation smearing the name of the people and the Nation . Hiding behind the freedom of speech and democracy and beef walk his defective absurdity , he thinks he can get away with them .

Anwar has politicized all expects of Malaysian-governing activities which have been endangering government's most important domestic functions for peace , harmony and economic progress .

Anwar has appointed his annihilative nominees to reach out to the decision makers of his PKR collision partners , just to insure sustainability for his leadership in the collision on the expense of the citizens .

In his own party , he practices aggressive favoritism , undeniable to the public eyes . Among his choices are people who have lied for his defense of his wrong doings , that include the members of his family .

He has simply bypassed his responsibility the circumstances of truth to the people . There is limit to political perception . As someone remarks , ' politic is not everything '

Herni Azura

Jumaat, Februari 25, 2011


No doubt he is ' a new kid on the block ' but the new kid is no difference from the 'old kid on the street ' . This was the political phenomenon and bared the doctrine of injurious leaderships. Both the new kid and the ousted old kid use their good offices to practice the political-mercenary mentality in administrating the State.
The State should be governed by the integrity of its highest order, administratively not politically. Before, the ousted street boy demonstrated and seemed done the practice of State development but not to be seen as malpractice.
The new kid is building up his political credibility by creating the perception of political intervention to an extant of infringing the constitution. This is a dangerous political enterprise in a delicate geo-economic of the haves and the haves not in the multi ethnics Selangor. No doubt, a huge percentage of middle class resides here in Selangor but their mentalities and perceptions differ from being the ' middle class ' in their ethnic ecosystem.
Furthermore, a large percentage of ethnics are the haves not. They are salary earners who support the haves and the Government institutions. I think, the new kid is trapped and left him politically vulnerable to ran the State administratively.
The argument here is not only about Khusrin 's creditability and appointment . It has arrived to a psychological-political and silence warfare between the State power versus Federal power and of an ideologically difference on the expense of the Constitution and the people of Selangor. Their political loggerheads become people's burden and anxiety for stability, peace and harmony.
From a sober observer says, “politics is all about perception, it has got nothing to do with facts or truth."
Looking at the overall picture, seniority and defensibility of Khusrin , the candidate is remote as far as constitutional prerogative of the Federal Government is concerned at the moment . Being a new kid on the block he should have learn that his Government needs the two third majorities to have the State constitution to be amended. He knew the numbers are not on his favor. Yet this kid bulldozed and dragged along the constitutional Royal House to consent the emergency proceeding. The truth is , the Royal Highness is obliged to consent under the State Constitution for the emergency proceeding .
Again, the truth, it is the political interest takes precedence. As far as the new kid and his Government are concerned, the intention was to restore the pre- 1993 powers of the Royal Highness. In fact, the position of the Royal Highness remains the same. To activate the State Public Service Commission and to have the power back in appointing the top State directors was the political plan and objective . By association, Khusrin was perceived as the saboteur of the Federal Government was politically greasy . In turn , it was an invented perception that the voting against the amendment was perceived as an act of disloyalty .
There must be other amicable option to handle this problem in term for meritocracy to prevail . Khusrin was perceived to have garbages with him , plus he was fifth in seniority and a saboteur . The only option for the new kid had was to engage a serious talk for reaching an agreement with his Federal counterpart . He must be politically prudence and time was on his side . On the other hand the new kid is known , not someone who licks someone's boots . For the integrity of the State and the people of Selangor , he be better off to find ways in licking the boots intelligently .
We in Selangor deserve better than this ,a good leader is our priority .
Herni Azura Ghafar

Isnin, Januari 24, 2011


My father used to tell me bed time stories when I was younger . The themes of those bed time stories were all about being good , obedience , friendship , love and care.
He lived in Tangkak when he was a young boy . Tangkak is a small town twenty kilometers away from Muar in the State of Johore . My grandfather worked for the CEB , Central Electric Board , now called TNB , Tenaga Nasional Berhad stationed in Tangkak .
Their closed neighbor were ethnic Indians . In fact , their relationship was not merely as neighbour but more of a non blood relation . By that , they were also closed friends . The living proof is that my father still can utter many Tamil words and love to watch Tamil movies. He still complain about the food served at the Indian restaurants . ' This is not the way to cook Indian dish ! , he complains .
He was left to stay at Achi's house very often . Till now he could not remember her real name . To him , Achi means mother . My grandfather used to attend electrical breakdown till late night . Those days , I think , electrical supply was not up to date . My grandmother was a business lady . At time , she had to travel far away to sell her goods and occasionally she stayed overnight . Looking back , my father told me , his parents had fullest accreditation to Achi's family . They left their only boy in Achi's custody . He was five years old then .
Achi had many children . My father was closer to Muru and Muru was about the same age as his . Their favorite outdoor game was playing nearby the running stream . Occasionally , they dipped into the the water without being seen . When Muru's older sister or elder brothers got to know about it , they would call Achi . Achi came running , she yelled and screamed at them to got out from the water .
One day , my father followed my grandfather and grandmother to Achi's house . My father saw so many people up there . He did not know what was the occasion . He walked and squeezed himself into the house . Muru was laying there sleeping , he though . He remembered two coins were placed on Muru's eyes . He called Muru to wake up and at the same time shaking him . My farther was pulled away . He kept asking my grandmother persistently what had happen to Muru . Finally , my grandmother told my father , ' Muru dah meninggal , dia mati lemas , lepas ini dia nak dibakar ' . The only word that my father captured and understood was ' bakar ' . Then he started to cry out loud and screamed that why Muru had to be burned , repeatedly .
It was a grief experienced that my father had . What I could recall , it is the story of friendship between two boys who do not know about race , colour or creed . Unfortunately , they could not able to continue their relationship but that spirit of friendship my father carries over to this day . The lessons here , we cannot be an egocentric living in the multi ethnic society of Malaysia . We must learn to look into the views of others . In other words , we must learn of each others culture . To me , this is one of the prerequisites of 1 Malaysia .
Herni Azura Ghafar


Lately , I read the stories about the native American Indian . I was dismayed to know what had happen to these native American Indians . I came across and learned about them vaguely in the Western cowboy movies . They were always the bad guys and dubbed them savagers .The settlers backed by the Yankee army , they were the good guys . The native Indians were fighting hard against the mighty and grand Yankee army . Thousands of the native Indians were killed and massacred . In the end , in series of battles they fought , the native American Indians lost the war .

Why did the native Indians fought so hard knowing that the Yankee army was so powerful , well armed and many ? Yet the native Indian combated with their bows and arrows . With limited guns and bullets which they stole from the Yankee , were insufficient . They were brave people and fought brilliantly to their last drop of blood because they were defending their rights over their land and territories . They were the fiercest of fighters. More importantly , they were defending their culture , tradition , belief , economic ways of living and the sovereignty of their tribes and territories.

Red Cloud , the capable warrior fought the battle to gain rights over the river valley . Crazy Horse another brave warrior led a surprise attacked on General George Cook army and preventing the army to join force with General Custer Army . As the result , General Custer lost the battle of Bighorn . There were many native Indian warriors like , Pontiac who gave a fierce fight in defense of the Great Lake territory against the red shirts army of the British . Geronimo a legendary and a charismatic Indian warrior who opposed the Yankee army for twenty five years .

Initially the native American Indians were friendly people . They showed the foreigners with great hospitality . The problem came when the foreigners became settlers and they came to annex and stay . They wanted to claim the land as their own . They destroyed the sites which the native considered sacred . They were forced to leave their home . The long conflict began .

I was taken aback by the history of fate fell upon the native American Indians . I wonder what would happen to the Deutero Malays if they are faced with that situation .

I believe our forefathers knew that the Malays should not be like the native Indians of America .The natives Indians were alienated and control by the Colonialists . As the result of the political and military power of the Colonists , the natives lost their territories , places of worship , community , tradition and culture . Today the native Indians ended up living in a small-arid constructed reservation land reserved by the United States Government . They became vagabonds in their own land .

I am also taken aback by some who try to infringe our constitution and beginning their aspersions by questioning it . As I understand it , ketuanan Melayu is not stipulated in the Constitution . It is wrongly interpreted and a wrongly perceived . It is not that Malay is the ' Tuan ' and rest of the non Malays are servants . As I understand it , the article 153 refers to special privileges of the Malay and rights of other must be respected for preserving peace and harmony.What is wrong with that ?.

Now I do understand and I thank to our forefathers who acknowledged the history of the native American Indians . Engaging that , the Malay importance prevails in the articles 153 signature the Malay position in hopping that the Malay would not be dumped in the reservation . Furthermore , it would guide the Malay to stay relevant in the controversial world of Capitalism in a multi ethnic society of Malaysia . What wrong with it ?.

Looking back at the previous past and before the coming of the invaders , the Malay land (Tanah Melayu ) existed . It had the sovereign Sultanate of Malay kingdoms whose Governments representing their territories . It came in the order of hierarchy governing with stipulated laws , principles and protocols .

It develops the social ,economic ,cultural orders with strong and institutionalized fundamental values of Islam . Above all , the Malays norms practicing in the customary laws strengthen the ‘rights ‘ that the Malays and the Bumiputra are the master ( tuan ) of their Tanah Melayu . Make no mistake , it is not translated as ' master and servant ' relationship .

We were invaded by the Dutch , the Portuguese than the East Indian Company , later British colonial masters for more than 300 hundred years . At the same time , the exodus of non historical origins organized by the Colonial rulers arrived to stay for serving and feeding the Colonial industrial revolution in the West . They were welcome .

We must not be apologetic in propagating the expression of Ketuanan Melayu nor it is taken as the sign of Malay weaknesses . It also should not take the expression as to apprehend others . We must prescribe the notion and the sprit of ‘ Ketuanan Melayu ‘ for us to move forward in the order for change and achieving for the best of all Malaysian . The spirit of Ketuanan Melayu has served as one of the major principles of Malaysian democracy in a multi cultural ecosystem . It is in the evolution of our Nation track record and without denial has brought peace harmony and prosperity to our beloved Nation .

As someone remarks , 'Ketuanan Melayu ' was an expression used by our forefathers to remind and unite the ethnic Malays with the highest justification of covenant and to highly respect others in equality . Together with other ethnics we will strive for unity , peace , harmony and prosperity . Insyallah ,

Herni Azura Ghafar