Jumaat, Februari 25, 2011


No doubt he is ' a new kid on the block ' but the new kid is no difference from the 'old kid on the street ' . This was the political phenomenon and bared the doctrine of injurious leaderships. Both the new kid and the ousted old kid use their good offices to practice the political-mercenary mentality in administrating the State.
The State should be governed by the integrity of its highest order, administratively not politically. Before, the ousted street boy demonstrated and seemed done the practice of State development but not to be seen as malpractice.
The new kid is building up his political credibility by creating the perception of political intervention to an extant of infringing the constitution. This is a dangerous political enterprise in a delicate geo-economic of the haves and the haves not in the multi ethnics Selangor. No doubt, a huge percentage of middle class resides here in Selangor but their mentalities and perceptions differ from being the ' middle class ' in their ethnic ecosystem.
Furthermore, a large percentage of ethnics are the haves not. They are salary earners who support the haves and the Government institutions. I think, the new kid is trapped and left him politically vulnerable to ran the State administratively.
The argument here is not only about Khusrin 's creditability and appointment . It has arrived to a psychological-political and silence warfare between the State power versus Federal power and of an ideologically difference on the expense of the Constitution and the people of Selangor. Their political loggerheads become people's burden and anxiety for stability, peace and harmony.
From a sober observer says, “politics is all about perception, it has got nothing to do with facts or truth."
Looking at the overall picture, seniority and defensibility of Khusrin , the candidate is remote as far as constitutional prerogative of the Federal Government is concerned at the moment . Being a new kid on the block he should have learn that his Government needs the two third majorities to have the State constitution to be amended. He knew the numbers are not on his favor. Yet this kid bulldozed and dragged along the constitutional Royal House to consent the emergency proceeding. The truth is , the Royal Highness is obliged to consent under the State Constitution for the emergency proceeding .
Again, the truth, it is the political interest takes precedence. As far as the new kid and his Government are concerned, the intention was to restore the pre- 1993 powers of the Royal Highness. In fact, the position of the Royal Highness remains the same. To activate the State Public Service Commission and to have the power back in appointing the top State directors was the political plan and objective . By association, Khusrin was perceived as the saboteur of the Federal Government was politically greasy . In turn , it was an invented perception that the voting against the amendment was perceived as an act of disloyalty .
There must be other amicable option to handle this problem in term for meritocracy to prevail . Khusrin was perceived to have garbages with him , plus he was fifth in seniority and a saboteur . The only option for the new kid had was to engage a serious talk for reaching an agreement with his Federal counterpart . He must be politically prudence and time was on his side . On the other hand the new kid is known , not someone who licks someone's boots . For the integrity of the State and the people of Selangor , he be better off to find ways in licking the boots intelligently .
We in Selangor deserve better than this ,a good leader is our priority .
Herni Azura Ghafar

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